Wednesday, 8 October 2014

TDSB has posted revised projections for Garden...our efforts are working!

As of this afternoon, the TDSB has publicly posted updated student population projections for Garden, Fern and Parkdale schools on the TDSB website . At the insistence of our group, the TDSB used the actual Garden enrolment numbers for 2014, instead of last year's incorrect projected enrolment numbers for 2014.

The result is dramatically different that what was presented at the public meeting last Tuesday.  We are actually at 277 students enrolled at Garden for the 2014/2015 school year, as opposed to the 306 students they were projecting.    Garden is not projected to be approaching capacity until 2016, for example, a stark contrast to the dire "overcrowding" the TDSB originally projected to already be in effect. 

Interestingly, Parkdale shows increasingly dwindling numbers as well, putting it in a very challenging position for a school its size. So it appears the TDSB has several issues to address, and not just one, as initially suggested. Please have a look at the numbers below. 

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  1. This is really fascinating data -- well done getting them to use actuals vs projected -- paints an entirely different picture!

  2. Where is the info posted on the TDSB website?

  3. You can find it here, with a lot more data for other area schools:

  4. So put another way, this data shows that Garden has had only 2 real size increases in 8 years (an anomaly even!), one of which was related to implementation of full day kindergarten, for which three new classrooms were added to compensate. Most recent year, Garden went down in size! Clearly, these numbers show that Parkdale's situation is more dire... Several of the Trustee candidates for Ward 7 had some ideas for productive, community-building, and even potentially fiscally-helpful ways to use that empty space while we wait for the spaces left by the deported Roma kids to fill back up. An exciting opportunity for community involvement as we head into the election on October 27th.

    1. That's interesting, Angela. What were some of the candidates' ideas for Parkdale?